Well Greyson is getting back to his old self.  Looks like he is going to make it through this sickness OK.  He had it a bit longer than we did, but they say that is normal.  We saw the GI Dr. on Monday and he felt we did a good job of keeping him hydrated and that the bug would soon work its way out of his system. 

So last night we put him to bed around 7pm (WAY early for him) as he was ready for a nap.  We hooked him up to the ventilator thinking maybe he would just sleep really good and stay asleep all night.  Well he woke up around 9pm and then we put him back to bed and he fell asleep by 10.  Then just before midnight he was wide awake making noises and clapping his hands together, playing with his animals, playing with his TV.  The boy would just NOT go back to sleep!  I tried to leave him alone but had to interact with him some.  Finally just before 2am he decided to go back to sleep.  Crazy kid!

Stacy called the pulmonologist today because Greyson has been breathing really weirdly during the night.  His breath rate gets up to twice what it should be.  It’s pretty weird and seems to be something he is developing.  So she called the Dr. to see if it was anything to worry about.  They called us back and basically said it was fairly normal for trached kids and the only “cure” was to get him off the ventilator.  Say what?  Yep, the way to “fix” the problem is to get him off the ventilator.  So a week from this friday we are going to see the Dr. and it looks like we will begin the weaning process again to get him off the ventilator even at night.  This is pretty exciting as it means we are ahead of schedule.  Originally the Dr. wanted him to stay on the vent through the winter, but he has done so well and with this weird breathing thing they are willing to let us go ahead.  We’ll see what happens next friday after our Dr. visit!

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  1. What great news about the vent. Greyson has been ahead all along with his progress. We are so proud of you buddy. Hope you aren’t being rained away up there. Love you…Gram and Papa

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