I love Ms. Tina!


We realized we didn’t have any pictures yet of Greyson with his primary nurse Tina, so we had to get that fixed right away!  Tina is our day nurse who works with Greyson Tuesday through Thursday.  Well actually now she is working Tuesday through Friday for us as our other nurse didn’t work out.  Tina does a great job with Greyson helping him with his therapies (but tell him it’s play!).  God really was watching out for us as Tina just finished school and got her nursing license just in time to watch Greyson!  She goes to our church so we have known her for quite awhile and feel very comfortable leaving Greyson in her care. 

One of the things Tina is working on with Greyson is patty cake, and he is getting pretty good at clapping his hands together on his own.  It will be so much fun when he learns to throw it in a pan all by himself!

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2 thoughts on “I love Ms. Tina!

  1. We are so glad Greyson has someone special like Tina to care for him while Mom and Dad are at work. We will be anxious to see him do the patty cake next time we come. That is something Grammie likes to do. God sure has blessed you three having all the special people in your lives. We sure thank him for that. Love you….

  2. Greyson – Thanks for the cute picture of you and your special nurse, Ms. Tina. How wonderful for you all to have someone that you know who is so skilled to help with your care when Mom and Dad are at work! You keep playing and it won’t be long before you’ll be cooking! KJ helps with cracking eggs and beating batter, etc., and he says that pretty soon you’ll be able to sample some pancakes yourself. Keep up the good work.

    Take care and God bless,

    Judy & KJ and family

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