Ahhhh my television……


OK it’s not a TV but that is what we have always called it.  Tonight we want to give a huge thank you to Aunt Debbie and Aunt Tammy for getting Greyson this toy.  Last December…………….scratch that…………..a year ago December when Aunt Tammy came to visit Greyson for the first time we were told he could have toys if they were solid plastic (so they could be wiped clean constantly).  Aunt Tam ran out and bought (with financial backing and encouragment from Aunt Deb!) this toy for Greyson.  Well we would just like to say that he LOVES it!  It sooths him when he’s upset and he can turn it on and off on his own now, which makes it even more valuable!

So I know I haven’t posted anything all week.  Well as it would turn out New Years Eve Stacy and I got sick, real sick.  We thought it was food poisoning as we ate some cookies that were made from some rather old cookie dough.  It was miserable but New Years day we were feeling better (although we just laid around and slept all day to recover from the day before).  We were so thankful it was food poisoning as then we could be certain Greyson couldn’t get it (hard to get if you don’t eat food!).  Well we went to dinner New Years day and it set me off again.  I won’t get into the gross details but it was no fun at all on Friday, kind of a New Years eve repeat.  Unfortunately our worst fears were also realized as Greyson began showing the same symptoms we were having.  Guess it wasn’t food poisoning and he did catch it. 

So if you remember our prayer and goal has been to keep Greyson healthy as sickness could cause trouble with his respiratory status (not to mention with this kind of “bug” dehydration is a very real concern) and cause him to have to go back to the hospital.  Well it is now Saturday night and he is still sick (we went through around 20 diapers if that tells you anything!) but he is managing it OK.  His breathing remains strong and so far he is not overly dehydrated.  So the bad news is Greyson is sick, with a doozy.  The praise, he’s taken it on the chin (or maybe bottom would be more appropriate) and seems to be getting through it OK. 

We have seen his smile again at times and heard him laugh.  We are pretty sure he is getting better and are praising God that He has kept Greyson strong enough to stay home through this ordeal.

OK tomorrow I need to write a long story about something funny and good, cause I don’t want you all thinking the longest posts are all about bad or medical stuff (even though that’s probably partially true, but he he was in the hospital for 7 months what do you expect?)

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5 thoughts on “Ahhhh my television……

  1. Poor Baby Greyson! We are glad to hear he is enjoying his toy though! I remember Tammy calling and saying we could actually go and buy him something! We were so excited!! Our prayers are that he will recover and continue to show us what a strong little boy he is. Tell him we love him and to get better soon!

  2. It really stinks when you are sick! I mean really stinks…We are so glad that you all are feeling better. I love Greyson’s TV and sometimes wish I had one to soothe me when I am trying to sleep. We are praying that this will be the only illness you three have this year. I know that is a lot to pray for but God sure is full of miracles. We thank him daily for them. Blessing and get to feeling better all of you. Love Gram and Papa

  3. Poor little buddy! I hope he gets better soon! We don’t need him anywhere near the hospital he was there tooooooo long! If you need anything please let me know as I would be more than happy to come help out! I hope you are all feeling better!

  4. Hope you are all on the mend and Greyson, sounds like you weathered this illness well – we would rather you weren’t sick, but it’s good to know that you are strong enough to recover on your own. And we’re sending up “get well prayers” tonight that you will all be well soon!

    We all enjoyed looking at you watch your “TV” and are guessing it has movement and sound, music maybe? And to think that you have learned to turn it on and off. Good job and keep up the good work!

    Judy & KJ and family

  5. I wish none of you had gotten sick and I so wish Greyson will be over this soon. I know you and Stacy are feeling better and I am so glad. Its’ been a rough couple of weeks with the weather and your friends having such sorrow and now you 3 being sick. I am praying the rest of the year go much better.

    Happy Birthday Stacy, I hope you had alot of fun on your dinner out.

    Take care and know that you are loved.

    Grandma Terry

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