Celebrating Jesus!

We had a blessed Easter week including lots of activities but the best moments were the quiet times we had with our littles talking about the resurrection story. We ordered our own set of Resurrection Eggs and spent several nights going through the story. Lucy had to taste each item as we opened the eggs in case one of them were to be candy. Other highlights included going to an Easter egg hunt with our good friend Kristi K., Easterpalooza at our church, and a special lunch at Tina and Jim’s house. Greyson still has a very special bond with Tina and talks about her all the time. We see her often at church but it is a special treat to spend a whole afternoon with her.

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Jesus!

  1. Thank you!

    And Happy Easter to all.

    Greyson and Lucy are picture perfect!


    Greyson, I still hunt for Easter eggs! But because I am so big, I just hunt for them at home – and I found 2 more this weekend. Lucky they were plastic and not hard boiled.

    We went to church too – and then out to brunch because there weren’t very many of us this year. It was really fun and I ate a lot.

    It’s fun to see you and Lucy grow. The website is a great idea.

    Your cousin, KJ

    PS, I met you grandma and grandpa at my Uncle Mike’s wedding in February. Grandma introduced us saying, “KJ, these are Greyson’s Grandma and Grandpa.”

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