5 thoughts on “Bedtime=playtime!

  1. That was very cute! Greyson you did it. Gram is off to work. My last day before break. We sure are hoping we can come play sometime during the break. We would love to have some of that bedtime=playtime with you. Hugs…

  2. Awww, Greyson is wearing the monkey jammies we got him for his birthday!! What a fun video!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! We are sure missing you!!

  3. Greyson – “Good job!” You’ll be hearing that alot, but that’s what people say when you’ve done a great job! And thanks to you and your mom and dad for the very cute video.

    And we want to know if you opened any more presents so mom and dad could get more cardboard?

    Take care all,

    Judy & KJ

  4. That is just the cutes video, I love the little giggle at the end. How please he was with himself for that accomplishment. I must say those pjs look really cute on him. I am so loving the webcam and getting to see Greyson and when we talk, that is just the coolest thing.

    We have to keep working on blowing kisses.

    Love ya Grandma Terry

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