I got to sleepy.


Well I said I would put some cool stuff up today, and I got busy working on house hold chore stuff so I didn’t get to it.  I want to be true to my word so here is a picture of Greyson sleeping the other night.  He gets in some pretty funny poses during the night.

Today he enjoyed playing with one of his christmas presents (we let him open it early since we needed the cardboard and his grandma was here).  At first he wasn’t so sure about it but he was doing much better tonight.  I’ll try to get a picture up soon.  Thanks aunt Debbie and aunt Tammy! 

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3 thoughts on “I got to sleepy.

  1. What a sweet boy! I love to watch kids sleep. They are so perfect! I think this pic is cool. Silly man! Thanks for the pictures. We love being able to see Greyson as he grows when we can’t be there!

  2. Looks like he is really getting big. You won’t be able to corral him in the pack and play much longer. We loved how you had your legs crossed and hand under your precious little head, Greyson. Thanks for sharing such a precious picture. Love you!

  3. Well Greyson, that’s quite a picture…looks like Grandma wore you out! And what’s this about opening a present so mom and dad could use the cardboard! That’s a new one – and very inventive. Was it your idea of your dad’s?

    Take care young man and mom and dad, too.


    Jud & Jim, Laura & KJ

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