Big boy toys.


Here is a picture of Greyson playing with his new toy.  His aunts got it for him for Christmas (yes this is the present we let him open early).  He has really started to enjoy it.  Greyson has also enjoyed visiting with his Grandma Terry via webcam this week.  He’s still not sure how she gets in the computer, but he seems to really like it when she calls his name and sings to him.  This week he also got webcam with his cousins.  It was a bit crazy with all of them at once (there are four of them!) but when they joined together to sing to him he was loving it!  It is so cool that we have the technology now to stay in touch (via voice and video) with friends and family. 

Tomorrow Greyson will get to open up a lot more presents.  I’m sure he will have more toys than he knows what to do with, good thing I’m here to help him play with them all!

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4 thoughts on “Big boy toys.

  1. Merry Christmas Westfall family,

    Wow, the discoveries begin. And you may find out that he likes “cardboard” [boxes] as well as what’s in them. What a wonderous time for you all.

    Hope you are all warm and snug.


    Judy & Jim, KJ & Laure

  2. I am so glad he likes his little car. Looks like he is a typical boy loving to drive and go fast.
    I have so enjoyed the webcam that is the coolest technology yet. I will call on Chistmas for sure and see what all you got for Christmas.
    Well I have got to go work, even though it is Christmas eve. I get off at 2:00 though. Only 7 more working days until I retire, can’t wait.

    Merry Christmas Eve

    Love Grandma Terry

  3. We are so glad he likes his present! That makes it all worthwhile. We are planning on getting a webcam so we can talk and sing to him. The kids have talked about it alot since they were able to do it at moms! They love him so much, just as we all do! Merry Christmas!!

  4. Merry Christmas!!! We are so glad to see that you are having fun and enjoying good health and one another. Sending our warmest hugs and wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Lots of love!! Mike, Keri, Emma, Caleb and Halle

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