A very special day (or two)

Well here are a couple pictures from the March for babies walk. Greyson insisted on walking across the finish line, so he did. Then as you can see he had to go over and have a chat with Ms. Pouslbo. He is really getting to be quite the ladies man. I don’t know, she seems a bit old for him!
Thank you to everyone who donated to Greyson’s team, we actually exceeded our goal for this year by raising $617!!! We haven’t forgot all you who donated more than $25, please be patient. We are working hard on your DVD’s and we will get them done and to you, we promise!
So what else is special about today? Anyone? Well today we celebrate the two year aniversary of bringing Greyson home from the hospital.

It is amazing to look back and see the way God has been at work in Greyson (and our!) lives over these last two years. A promise God reminded us of way back when we first went into the hospital (and were told that we would most likely lose Greyson before the morning came) was that God would never leave our side. He never assured us everything would be OK. He never assured us that Greyson would make it or that he would not have a host of medical problems. But over and over again he let us know that He loves us, and that He was walking right beside us. As we look to this summer and see more surgeries in Greyson’s future (He will be having a cyst removed on May 4, then on May 11 he will have a bronchoscopy to determine when and if he will have his next trachea surgery) I have been overwhelmed with the fact that God is not only walking through this process with us, but He is walking close to Greyson each and every day as well. There are times when everything that is happenign to Greyson gets to be too much for me, and it is only when I am reminded that God is always with Greyson providing the comfort that only He can in the midst of all the bad stuff, that I can feel at peace.
So celebrate with us the work that God has done over the last two years and we will continue to trust God to be with Him in the days ahead. There is no doubt that God is a good God who loves us!

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