It’s ok, I’ll just take the stairs.

Monday I took Greyson to church to work out on the stairs. I was very impressed! This is the best I’ve ever seen him do! He is getting stronger every day there is no doubt about it.
OK so here is our “big” story from yesterday. So we LOVE our Dr’s, they are the best. However, we do not live in a perfect world and there are times when the medical system can be a bit frustrating. Greyson has been having a minor……we will say “issue” for about a week. It’s not a big deal but is something that could become a big deal. So please don’t be alarmed. Anyway the “issue” is that he has not been able to always breath well through his trach tube. We attributed this to secretions and have been dealing with it for the past week. The problem is it has been getting a little worse. So yesterday morning we decided it was time to take things to the next level and change out his trach for a new one, which should make things all better. Well we did the trach change and things did not get better, in fact for a short while he wasn’t breathing through his trach tube at all (don’t worry, he can breath through his nose/mouth it just becomes very hard for him and he can’t get the oxygen he needs for long periods this way). We got him breathing through the tube after some work, but knew it was still the way it had been. So we called the Dr. to find out what we should do. Well after waiting all day to hear from the Dr. it was decided that someone should look at him to make sure he was safe. Unfortunately by this time the only people who could see him were the emergency room in Tacoma. So off we went to the brand new emergency room in Tacoma. It’s very very nice by the way, if you have to go to an emergency room I recommend it, but don’t wear metal cause you have to go through a medal detector as you enter. Anyway we saw the ER Dr., who was a lady, and she was getting all the information from us. Meanwhile Greyson, who was sitting on my lap, was making these romantic blinking faces at her. Can’t believe he is two and a half and was totally flirting with the DR!! So after the primary ER dr. came in to deal with us he basically told us he didn’t know what to do and was going to call Greyson’s Dr. Yes the one we had called who told us to go to the ER. We understand the reasons for all this but it was slightly frustrating to go there, get charged a $75 copay, basically to have the ER Dr. ask us if we felt comfortable taking him home. We did which means we left without anything being done. A couple of Greyson’s DR’s will talk this week and decided if and when something will need to be done to determine what is happening. This all comes one week before Greyson is having minor surgery on a cyst, and two weeks before his bronchoscopy to determine what the plan will be to get his trach out. OK so while we did have to pay $75, we feel we almost got our money worth because the ER doctor (the primary one) who is very tall and skinny, squatted down and grabbed Greyson’s walker and “walked” all around the room before we were discharged. It was really funny. I think if I would have got it on video it would have totally been worth the ER visit.
Anyway a couple new funny hospital stories to add to our rather extended collection.

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