it looks bad but I’m comfy

Today was a good day at home. Stacy said Greyson played a lot and did really well. His secretions were down a bit so we did not have to suction as much and he seemed to be doing great. We Did up his oxygen last night as he seemed to be satting lower and was working a bit harder with his breathing. I’m pretty sure we will be able to turn it back down again soon. His peep (pressure that is always there to keep his lungs inflated was down a little, so that could be why he was working harder to breath. Anyway he seems much better tonight.
It was funny when I got home from bible study tonight, Stacy was rocking him in the chair in his room and we were talking about how he was doing. All of a sudden he flopped his head over and started looking at the vent like “so what are my pressures right now?”

God is certainly good and we are very blessed. Thanks for continuing to follow our progress and keep us in your prayers. As we’ve seen over and over, prayer works!

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5 thoughts on “it looks bad but I’m comfy

  1. Amen to that – God listens to our prayers. I am so fortunate to have seen in my lifetime many of Gods’ answers to prayers. Some not answered the way I would have liked but always He was there and helped me get through. I am so thankful He did let Greyson come into our lives and that He is watching over him every minute of the day. It brings me alot of joy just listening to how much joy Greyson brings to you and Stacy. Children are truly one of our greatest gifts from God.

  2. Yea you are right the picture looks really uncomfortable but Greyson is certainly all spread out. So glad to hear that things seem to be settling into a schedule for you and Stacy. Im sure with the price of gas on the rise the trip to Tacoma everyday is not something that will be missed huh? Greyson looks great and I am so happy for you.

    Love you,
    Aunt Tam

  3. I loved holding and rocking my babies. Such a wonderful time for both of us. May God’s hand rest easy on you three today and bless you with another great day. We love you so much.

  4. Stacy there’s a poem, I can’t remember all of it but it says something about cobwebs and dust go to sleep I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep. The best advice my mom gave me was to enjoy my babies and sleep when they slept. The other stuff will get done down the road. How true that is!!!! A couple of years ago I was having a real melancholy moment, I told Dick I just wanted to have all my babies snuggled in my bed reading to them and smelling thier just bathed little bodies one more time. He…..laughed at me and told me to go get my grandkids. You and Bob just enjoy little Greyson, love on him, kiss him until his cheeks are chapped and then kiss his feet. Such a joyous time for all three of you.
    We Love you and will check on you often. XXX & OOO’s

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