ummm guys, now she’s got the other arm!


Well today Greyson went to his first pediatricians office visit.  He did very well until they had to draw some blood.  The first attempt was unsuccessful (you can see the orange dressing he got after he was stuck) so they had to try his other arm.  Not very fun but he cried a lot less than I do everytime I have to have my blood drawn.  Not to mention I always get to go have ice cream after, all he got was mom’s milk (not that I am discrediting mom’s milk in anyway you understand). 

So while at the visit they weighed Greyson and he weighed in at 14 pounds!  At the end of the visit when I was loading Greyson into the stroller he gave me a big old smile as if he knew it was over.  Then when we got him home his bugs bunny band aid was coming loose so I took it off him and he gave me the same big smile.  There is just nothing like seeing that boy smile. 

I think Greyson is liking riding in the car more and more.  Today he was looking out the window as we drove and seemed to be interested in looking at everything.  He is still not a big fan of the cold wind, which is kind of ironic since he is such a hot body all the time, you would almost swear his car seat is heated the way he gets sweaty so fast in it!

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6 thoughts on “ummm guys, now she’s got the other arm!

  1. What a wonderful story tonight….Bob, you are so right – there is nothing in the world like your little baby’s smile, especially when it is ment just for you. Sure melts your heart doesn’t it??? He is just cuter every day if that is possible. He looks so good. Obviously his Mom and Dad are taking very good care of him and he loves being in his own home……You are amazing…I’m so very proud of you all and I love you soooo much…Aunt Sue

  2. Smiles are just the best! Especially when you are the receiver of that smile. We are so glad the visit went well. I know how difficult it must be to load all the stuff up, only to go a couple of miles and then unload and do it all over again coming home. But wasn’t it such a blessing and so wonderful knowing this was a well baby visit? Sorry about the phone call early this morning but I just couldn’t go off to work without knowing everything was fine. I’ll let you sleep in tomorrow! I can’t wait to receive my own smile from Greyson. Soon, I hope! Love Mom

  3. Hi guys,
    I finally had a break in betwen work and school to finally check out your website. We’ve been thinking of you. I’m happy to hear you guys are doing so well. Reading your daily you’ve done everything we’ve done. Don’t worry too much about him sweating and hot. Arun is the same way. That boy sweat like it’s over 100 degree outside. The heat from the circuit and that he’s just working a little extra harder, is what make him sweat. It’s like working out in sweats in the summertime for him. But like Arun, Greyson seems to be tough and tolerant to those needles!! He is going to be immune to pain soon and very strong. 12lbs!! he is getting big. I also want to share that Arun discovered is RIGHT HAND!..He put it in front of him and stare at it awed and amazed. Hope all three of you are well rested. We’ll be keeping you in our prayers. We’re not as savvy with computers so we just go with the myspace website..It is just easier because it gives you the code already. We’ll be checking in periodically. Oh..and is Greyson watching TV yet? Arun can’t seem to take his eyes off the darn screen.

  4. Hi what little guy likes to have his blood drawn??? We can always understand the tears, I always have to tell Uncle Dick to buck up it will only be a little pin prick. He’s terribly alergic to needles!!!! A babys smile is always the most wonderful gift to a parent. I’m sure now that Greyson is home, there will be lots of those everyday. FOURTEEN POUNDS, you guys are sure taking good care of him and thats a sign Mom has really good milk. It’s nice that he enjoys riding in the car, sometimes thats still the only time Steve (Bobbi’s little girl) will nap. We know how busy you are at the Westfall house and if you don’t get around to the blog everyday we’ll understand. A note once in awhile will let us all stay connected and tuned in to you and Stacy and our little Greyson. We Love You!

  5. I’ve just been catching up on the Westfall Adventure in Parenting! I can’t wait to see Greyson in his home. We love you guys so much and are praying for God’s continued grace and blessing in your lives.

  6. Greyson is such a brave trooper! His smile is awesome and captivating. Hope mom and dad get fun downtime and rejuvenation also. That boy is very alert and healthy and just love to see him with his toys and mom and dad holding him. You three are a BEAUTIFUL family. Praying for God’s continuous blessings of strength and health.

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