All dressed up with nowhere to go


Today Greyson and I tried out our new hats that Stacy made for us.  Greyson thought it was pretty cool having a matching hat with his dad.  Don’t get to excited by not seeing anything on Greyson’s nose, this was a special picture so we had him on blow by for the photo shoot.  Then he went on the Nasal canula for about three hours while Stacy and I held him.  We are praying for his lungs as his c02 was up again last night, not up too high but it needs to stay where it is or go lower as it came back at 68, too close to the 70’s for his dad to feel good about!

While we didn’t get to see it, Greyson tried out a swing today.  Apparently he was quite upset this morning so after they changed him and made sure his food was going they put him in a swing.  From what we hear he really liked it.  He was pretty labile today, much more than he has been for awhile.  We are not really sure what is up with that but hope that tomorrow being a new year he will start it off right by having a great day. 

Happy new year everyone!

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6 thoughts on “All dressed up with nowhere to go

  1. I’ll be there in the morning and I am praying we have a wonderful New Years Day. I am praying for a good blood gas tonight. You and your dad looked cute in your hats, your mom is really getting good at her creations. Sleep well tonight and we’ll have fun tomorrow.

    Love ya Grandma Terry

  2. Happy New Year! A swing? Wow what fun you are having. First Grandma getting to hold you and then a swing and now the other Grandma coming. Very fun. Hope you aren’t too tuckered out to remember to breath. That breathing stuff is pretty important so just ask God to help you if you are getting tired and he will. 🙂 You are so cute in your matching hats. Your mom is just down right amazing. We all love you and your parents so much and want you to know that we are so glad that you are feeling better.

    Love you,
    The Sebrights

  3. Happy New Year! Great way to start the new year with cool matching party hats! Stacy~ you are just amazing! Your creativity always amazes me!! God has shown us a special glimpse of his love in 2007, we can’t wait to see what is in store for 2008! We love you three and as always, we will continue to pray for you!!!

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