Happy New Year


Today was a good, but long day.  Greyson’s Grandma Terry flew in early this morning to spend some quality New Years Day time with Greyson.  He enjoyed her holding him and we all had a great time hanging out with our little guy.  Unfortunately just as fast as it started it was time to take her back to the airport as she only flew in for the day.   Greyson was very alert for a lot of the time which always makes for a great visit.

Apparently all was not well in Greyson’s life prior to our visit however.  His gas last night was bad, c02 of 79, and apparantly he had at least two significant episodes where he de-satted, one of which included a bardy (when his heart rate drops too low).  The Dr. wasn’t to concerned about all that but did feel that his blood gas indicated that Greyson is not able to skip a day of DEX at this point so he is back to getting it once a day.  Hopefully this will help him get back on track.  Can I just tell you how excited we will be to have these issues behind us!??

Greyson is now the size of a newborn (hard to believe!) and is weighing in at 6 pounds 11 ounces.  Last night at a New Years Eve party one of our friends heard how big he was and said, “why don’t you bring him home if he’s that big!”  “Well, he can’t breath!”  was our reply.  Of course he can breath, he just needs quite a bit of help right now.  Anyway Stacy and I ended the day after dropping of my mom by beginning his baby shower registery at Target.  We are scrambling to be ready for the baby shower that the church is throwing for us January 15.  In the midst of all the de-sats and poor gas numbers it was fun to spend some time planning for him to come home.

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Another great picture. Greyson looks like he is smiling at Grandma Terry. How sweet is that. Sorry to hear that his numbers were not good last night and that he had a rough night. We will continue to pray for Greyson and his lungs. He is sooooooo adorable. Teila is helping me type this and she wants Greyson to know that she can not wait until she can hold him too. We cant wait for that. Im sure that you will have several other comments about Greyson and how big he has gotten. I just want you to know that his weight right now has special meaning to me as 6 11 is what Aly weighed at birth! Happy New Year and be ready for God to do great things this year.


    The Girls and Aunt Tam

  2. It seems strange, I was there all day and now I am home reading the blog. I can’t tell you how cute Greyson is and how much fun it was to hold him today, what a way to start the New Year. It was fun watching Bob and Stacy enjoy him so much, what wonderful parents they are. I also love the nurses, they are the greatest and certainly do care about Greyson which I am so grateful for. I’m continuing to pray for his little lungs to get more healthy tissue but otherwise he is just perfect, I know God will take care of that in His time.

    Thank you for a wonderful New Years Day!

    Love Grandma Terry

  3. What a great picture of Greyson and his Grandma. It is so hard to be patient but God is giving you both such strength. We are praying the New Year will bring only good things your way. Hopefully the DEX will give those little lungs just the added boost, as those numbers just aren’t what we want to see. We sure enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to the next one. Love you all. Gram and Papa

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