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Today Greyson got a visit from his grandma and really enjoyed being held by her.  He slept almost the entire time but decided to wake up at the end of the visit so everyone could look at his big eyes.  He continues to do well on the nasal canula and we are hoping that soon he will be able to be on it even longer.  At the end of four hours he gets so upset when they have to put the cpap back on him. 

Today when I came in I was shocked to find a towell rolled up and held around his face.  I just couldn’t imagine what the problem would have been that caused them to put that there.  Upon further inspection though I realized that it was there as a make shift mechanism to hold his pacifier in place so he could suck on it.  Usually when he sucks he actually spits out his pacifier unless you are holding it in place, well the nurse had taped the pacifier to the towel and wrapped it around his head in a way that held it right up to his mouth so he could suck whenever he wanted to.  He really seemed to like that!

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5 thoughts on “Visit from Grandma

  1. How fun for Grandma Joan holding Greyson, he looks very content. The nurses are sure creative, I’ve never seen anyone hook a pacifier to a towel before. Hopefully it won’t be long and Greyson won’t have to be on the cpap at all. See you soon.

    Love Grandma Terry

  2. Yea Grandma!!!! You are the first to get to hold Greyson aside from his parents right? Very Cool for you! So glad that Greyson is continuing his upward trend. More party planning for tonight? Greyson needs to know what this New Year thing is all about….maybe inform him that Christmas is on its way again? He looks so good and I am so thankful. The nurses in your new room sound just as cool as the other one so we know you will be well taken care of. Although it will be hard to beat Kathy as she is the nurse that told me I could buy you your toy!!!!!:) Have a great day and I be sure to make a post tonight for 2008!

    Happy NEW YEAR.


  3. What clever nurses! I am sure Greyson loved that little trick! Congrats to Grandma for getting to hold him. I am sure that was an exciting day for both of them. The news just continues to get better! We honestly can’t wait to see what the New Year has in store for your little miracle!!!

  4. Hey Gram and Greyso,

    I am so happy for both of you getting to spend some quality time together.
    Joanne, there just isn’t anything better is there? Grayson we are so proud of you and all of your recent progress….Stacy and Bob, how wonderful for you both..We are so very anxious to make a trip north and see you all….WE continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers daily. What a blessing you are all to us….I’ve had several of my co-workers wanting to know when you are making a trip down here so they can see Greyson…You have touched sooooo many hearts…Thank you for sharing with us. My love to you all, Aunt Sue

  5. Well Greyson, look who’s holding you. Let us know if she shares you with anyone else today!

    Joann, what a gift and what a great picture of you and your darling grandson. Jim was looking at you guys earlier and said, “Wow, what a wonderful picture. You can just see the love.” Enjoy your stay Gram.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Keep up the good work Greyson and Happy, Happy New Year to you all!

    Judy & Jim and family

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