Last night his blood gas c02 remained at 56 which we were very happy about.  I got that update when I called in this morning and was very excited to see him when we got to the hospital.  I hurriedly washed up and walked to his room.  As I rounded the corner I was greated with …………..empty space!  Greyson was gone.  Apparently he had jumped out of his crib and crawled away some time during the night.  I know the feeling as a couple weeks ago when Stacy got up to pump I woke up just enough to look at the recliner and scream out, “where’s Greyson!?  Where’s Greyson!?”  Stacy calmly replied, “well he’s still in the hospital” “Oh”, I replied, “that makes sense” and I went back to sleep.

OK so Greyson in fact did not jump out of his crib and is not crawling anywhere just yet, but in fact he is no longer the pillar of room B.  I went into the hall to tell Stacy that they had moved him and ran into the Dr. who took me to find him.  He led me into room E saying he had just seen Greyson a little bit earlier and was very pleased with his progress.  Well he wasn’t in room E but we did track him down in room C (don’t blame the Dr, they see a lot of babies and they usually move around a lot!  Greyson has been very unusual by the fact that he has stayed in the same place for so long).  Room C is OK, it’s a little more cramped but is a step towards the door and moving upstairs.

I am also very happy to report that Greyson’s 1pm blood gas found him with a c02 of 50!!  That’s my boy!!

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7 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. WOW! Way to go Greyson! That must have gave your hearts a little rush not being able to locate him. What a wonderful picture. Bob, you seem to be a natural at that cuddling. We all are very anxious to do some of that but will wait our turn. Let’s hope a move upstairs soon is in order, tho it will be hard to leave all your friends (nurses) in the NICU. Blessing to you all. Love Gram

  2. WOW 50, that is great, Greyson you are awesome. He is looks very content to be held by his daddy. Do the nurses that were with him in the other room sometimes get to come in this one? They were so wonderful, but I am sure the new ones will be as well. I tell everyone how great the nurses, they went just above and beyond and will be missed I am sure. Well tomorrow will be even better I bet, can’t wait. Love you mom

  3. Way to go Greyson….I know he just used all of his batteries up in his toy and decided he needed a change in stuff to look at! This is very exciting news and we are so happy that he is doing better. MOVIN on up!!! Everyone is cheering!!!! Glad you and Stacy are being such good parents to him. He now knows that no matter where he is you will find him :). The picture sure looks like he was just waiting to chill out and cuddle with dad. Hope mom got some of that sugar as well!!! This is the part in the story where it gets really good…cant wait to turn the page.

    Love Ya,

  4. Yipee! What exciting news!!! We love this picture of the two of you cuddling! I bet it is both good and bad to be moved from Greyson’s spot! He has been there for a while and you had to have gotten very comfortable with the amazing nurses! However, it will be a new adventure in a different room! Great news little Greyson!
    We love you!

  5. Way to go Greyson! Glad your numbers are staying low. You and your family are an inspiration to me. I feel very blessed to get to know you from your web site. I read it as soon as I get up every morning. I am very happy that you are getting closer to going home. God has blessed you all.

  6. Way to go Greyson! You and your mom and dad are in our thoughts and prayers as you continue to move toward home and a wonderful New Year.

    Hugs from us all,

    Judy & Jim – Laura and “KJ”

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