Sep 25

Happy Birthday Greyson!

Today is Greyson’s official 5th birthday! Bob and I were having a conversation today about how we can’t believe it has been 5 years already and then with the next breath we both expressed how it seems difficult to remember a time when he wasn’t a part of our family. We have been thinking about the great things that this past year have brought and the amazing progress that he has made. We are so proud of him!
The day started with a good morning at home with Mom and Lucy, then off to school with treats to share. Since Greyson requested a pig birthday party we made pig cupcakes. He was excited to bring the cupcakes and talked quite a bit about them on the way to school. After school he rode the bus to Jessica’s with the help of teacher Vickie and Mommy and Dad picked him up with a big bunch of balloons. We went to Chuck E. Cheese to play some games and then home to open a few presents. Greyson kept saying, “I’m a Happy Birthday Boy” and was pleased to have presents of his own to open. So much fun. Of course we had one more cupcake with a candle and made one more big mess for the day. What a great celebration of a great boy! We are looking forward to having a few friends over in a couple of weeks for the official Pig Party.

cupcakes 1candlechuck e cheesecupcakehat

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Sep 17

First day of school 2012

Greyson was all smiles this afternoon when we dropped him off at Teacher Becca’s door. This is his third and final year in her class. The classroom looked great and was filled with lots of fun looking things including a giant box filled with balls to make a ball pit! It was exciting to see familiar faces as many of the same students from last year are a part of his class this year. Going to school in the afternoon will be an adjustment for everybody, but it should be very good as this is the same time as Mom is at work. That way Mom, Greyson, and Lucy-Jo get to stay home together all morning long. Yea!

IMG_0607a sm

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Aug 26

One on one time with Lucy-Jo.

Here are a few more pictures from the other day. Greyson continues to warm up to his sister….in a way. The other day we were in the car waiting for Stacy and she was screaming. After a couple minutes Greyson leaned forward in his carseat and said “Daddy, I’m all done with this game!”. Me too son, me too.
Actually she can scream all she wants. I love it. I love everything about her. Even the fact that she tends to pee on me. I always heard boys were the ones you had to watch out for. Greyson’s almost 5 and Lucy is less than three weeks old and she has already got me more times than Greyson. What an area to be an overacheiver in….
One of the side benefits of Lucy has been having visitors come over. We love it when family and friends stop by. If you haven’t and want to, please don’t hesitate! We even have a guest bedroom if you need to stay.

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Aug 25

She’s a dainty little girl…and yet…

It’s fun for me to look at how small Lucy is and try to remember just how small Greyson was. While Lucy seemed big at first, she seems now to be soo tiny. It’s hard for me to remember that Greyson could ever have been that small, or smaller as he clearly was!
We are continuing to settle in to the life of a family of 4. There are pictures and stories of course, but they will not be posted tonight. So remember that we love all of you and we are blessed by these two amazing miracles, and by all of you our family and friends. Thanks for being a part of our amazing adventure.

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Jul 08

Making some cookies.

Greyson has really become a very helpful baker. This video shows how he helped make some cookies for our 3rd of July celebration (Poulsbo has fireworks on the 3rd that we always go watch).