One on one time with Lucy-Jo.

Here are a few more pictures from the other day. Greyson continues to warm up to his sister….in a way. The other day we were in the car waiting for Stacy and she was screaming. After a couple minutes Greyson leaned forward in his carseat and said “Daddy, I’m all done with this game!”. Me too son, me too.
Actually she can scream all she wants. I love it. I love everything about her. Even the fact that she tends to pee on me. I always heard boys were the ones you had to watch out for. Greyson’s almost 5 and Lucy is less than three weeks old and she has already got me more times than Greyson. What an area to be an overacheiver in….
One of the side benefits of Lucy has been having visitors come over. We love it when family and friends stop by. If you haven’t and want to, please don’t hesitate! We even have a guest bedroom if you need to stay.

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