A special treat and special help.


So last week when we went to the Dr’s Greyson had to have some blood drawn.  He cried and the lab lady felt bad so she gave him a sticker.  When he was still crying she went and got this bear and gave it to Greyson to make nice with him.  I think he made out like a bandit!

The second picture is of the cardboard car (well truck) Mater.  Stacy and I made this ( and Greyson “helped” too!) as an example to show at church because at the end of the month we are having a “Drive in” movie night at church where families will make a car and bring it to the church gym to line up and watch the movie in (well probably near their cars).  It should be a lot of fun!

We are anxiously awaiting Thursday for the sleep study.  Greyson seems to be doing a lot better with the trach cap on.  We were concerned he was working to hard to have a successful sleep study but he might make it OK, it will be interesting to see.  Today he has had the cap on for 6 hours and seems to be doing pretty good so that is encouraging.  He is also down to 5 & 1/2 hours on the vent at night.  *We have been weaning him down a half hour every four days to get him ready for the sleep study, where he will go all night without the vent.  He won’t be off it before the study, but hopefully the reduced time will be getting him better prepared.  So pray for us that whatever happens God will make it clear what the next best step will be for Greyson.

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5 thoughts on “A special treat and special help.

  1. That is the coolest little truck, you guys did a great job.
    I am definitely praying for Thursday to go well. It is going to go well I am sure. Have a great day.

    Love all 3 of you.

    Grandma Terry

  2. Hi Greyson, Stacy and Bob,

    First, we pray that the sleep study goes well.

    And second, that’s about the best looking “Mater” we’ve ever seen. KJ gave it a 10+. You guys are VERY talented.

    Judy & KJ and Family

  3. Dear Greyson, Stacy and Bob,

    What a precious little Mater. And what an even more precious little boy.
    I sure will be praying for Thursday….We love you all so much and are excited about the progress of your little man.

    Love, Aunt Sue

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