Wake me when we are done with the Dr’s…..


So today was a pretty long day.  It was off to Tacoma to see three of Greyson’s Dr’s.  Today we saw the Nephrologist, cardiologist, and optomologist.  In that order!  The nephrologist is the one who works to keep Greyson’s body chemistry on track.  He still struggles a bit with keeping his potassium where it needs to be as well as his calcium levels.  I never took chemistry so meeting with her is always a lot to take in.  Basically she took some urine and blood samples and we will hear back later if we need to tweak anything we are currently doing.

The cardiologist said Greyson’s heart looked basically the same as it did 6 months ago, which is good.  He still has a little thickening of the heart wall, but it is not getting worse and the Dr. felt it would get better as Greyson continues to grow and improve.  The good news is we are decreasing one of his meds starting today and he will be off it on Valentines day.  This is good as it is the most difficult drug to get for us (we have to go to Tacoma to get it). 

The optomologist said Greyson’s eyes are developing well.  He does have a little astigmatism but it is mild and not something we have to worry about right now.  It could mean that Greyson will have to wear glasses but is not necessarily related to his prematurity. 

So that’s about it for today.  It must have worn Greyson out as he took a good nap when we got home (he tried at the Dr’s but we kept waking him up) and has been on the vent asleep since 10 or a little earlier.  Hopefully he will be well rested so he can play hard tomorrow!

**update–spoke to soon as when I just went back to the bedroom to get the picture for today I realized Greyson is now awake.  Doesn’t he realize how wonderful sleep is!!!

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6 thoughts on “Wake me when we are done with the Dr’s…..

  1. What a good boy you were Greyson. You have always been a good boy. Grammie and Papa loves you! Have a fun day today with Tina! Hugs to you. G and P

  2. What great news. And no, he doen’t know how great sleep is because I bet you play with him! You’re good parents.

    Take care and rest well,

    Jud & Family

  3. What a big day with so many doctors! My kids freak when they just have a dentist appt. I couldn’t imagine taking them to three in one day!!! Greyson is getting so big! What a cutie!! Thanks for sharing pics with us!!

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