3 thoughts on “I love my daddy!

  1. Is daddy getting a little shut eye while Greyson is wide awake? Oh he was just blinking right? Very very cute picture Stacy! Hope you guys are getting ready cuz Christmas is only a short time away and Greyson is just going to LOVE it. It is just such a miracle to see Greyson today and remember where he was this time last year…..I am singing praises all the day long. (for real) God has really blessed you with his Grace and his son and of course Greyson! His name is really SOOOOOOOO COOL!

    Love You,

    Aunt Tam

  2. How fun to open up the blog after several days and find such a cute picture. We thought our computer had crashed but Papa found out tonight that it was our mouse that was causing the trouble. Thank goodness. I haven’t backed up photos in a long time and would not want to lose any of our cute Greyson. Thank you so much for sharing all these cute photos. We love them and can hardly wait for the next posting. Hugs to you three…Gram and Papa

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