I think Greyson’s grandparents wore him out this weekend.  He had a blast playing with them.  Greyson was quite interested in Gary and kept his eye on him the whole weekend.  It was fun to watch how Greyson responded to them.  He told them all kinds of stories and showed off all of his new tricks.  He even learned how to clap after having his grammie work with him all weekend on it.  (he still needs some work, but he’s really getting it once he gets started!). 

Today was not the best day for father and son.  I’m not sure if it was an upset stomach or cutting a new tooth, but Greyson was pretty fussy today.  Actually he was fussy or sleepy most of the day.  We did work on eating today (by mouth) and I thought it was a good sign that later in the day he “burped” a bit of carrots out of his stomach.  Gross for sure but I just kept thinking, “hey, if it’s coming out of here at least we know it made it down there to begin with!!” 

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4 thoughts on “Grandparents!!

  1. We did have a fun weekend, and I think Greyson wore us out as well. Greyson, you are just learning more and more each and every day. We will be looking forward to the next visit. Love you all….G and P

  2. It is so fun to see Grammie and Papa on the blog. Based on the picture it seems clear that Greyson loved having them around. Just the beginning of years of fun together!! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  3. Looks like alot of fun was had this last weekend, how special that time is. That is good some of that food is making its way down to the stomach, good job Bob. Hope he is feeling better today

    Love ya Grandma Terry

  4. Sooo fun to see your parents Stacy! Praise the Lord for the wonderful family that is in your life and Greyson’s life. I love the updates you post each day. God bless you for doing that! Love you!

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