Rolling over makes things fun!


Well now that he’s getting better at rolling over, and grabbing things, he is beginning to put these talents together.  We set him on the floor on this blanket which was all smoothed out on his back.   At one point he was almost all the way on his stomach, completely rolled like a burrito, all without any help.  He has really enjoyed having his Gram and Papa here to visit.  We will try to get some more pictures up tomorrow. 

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2 thoughts on “Rolling over makes things fun!

  1. Quite the little hoodini. He also looks quite pleased with himself. I’ll bet his grandma and grandpa are having alot of fun with him. Give him a kiss for me.

    Love grandma Terry

  2. I bet his Grandma and Grandpa are having a wonderful time! We enjoyed Greyson showing off for us so I can only imagine what he will do with his new talents! What a sweet little boy! Enjoy your time with family!

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