Is this what you meant?


We’ve been working with Greyson on “peek-a-boo” and tummy time and he is getting better.  Today Greyson got this blanket from his aunt Nancy and loved how he could poke his fingers through it and pull it around.  He also did very well with his tummy time and is getting the idea that he can lift himself up.  This is much better than the way it has been which is Greyson just resting face down on the ground with his nose planted into the floor. 

Stacy took him outside and I guess he laid out on the lawn for a few hours enjoying the fresh air.  He’s still not a big fan of the sun (and has to be careful with direct sunlight due to some of his medications) but really liked the shady area Stacy found in our lawn.  We took him out in the car tonight to go get some dinner (take out) and he seemed to really enjoy himself.  Tonight we have a nurse so we are very thankful for that.  It sounds like after next week we will be down to only two nights a week with regular nursing.  We know God has a plan but we often wonder if he is confusing the words more and less.  We are praying for more, yet seem to be getting less!  It’s in His hands though and we know that we just need to trust him with this like anything else.  He still gives us the grace (and nurses, finances, strength, ability, whatever else we need!) to make it through the day. 

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7 thoughts on “Is this what you meant?

  1. What a sweetheart! He is such an amazing little boy!! We can’t wait until things slow down and we will get to come and see him and play with him too! Tell him his family in Idaho loves him so very much!!!

  2. Greyson, your Grammie loves to play peep-a-boo, too. We will get to play soon, I hope! Sometimes that sun can be pretty bright but being outside is so much fun. Grammie is getting tired of being inside and hopes to be done with her job in the next few days so she can go outside and do some playing also. Please tell you Dad thanks for posting two pictures sometimes. It is so much fun to see you doing different things. You are getting so much stronger holding your precious little (big) head up! We love the way your parents share you with us. Have another great day! Hugs and kisses from Gram and Papa

  3. Greyson you just keep us all in awe! You are such a cutie and it is sooooo much fun for us to hear that you are doing so well. We continue to pray for you everyday and know that God has big plans for you! We can’t wait to actually get to see you and play and hold you. I can’t even believe that you are already 9 months old!!!! That is simply unbelievable. You are getting so strong and look so good!!!! What a huge blessing you are to your whole family. We love you so much.

    Aunt Tam

  4. What a cute picture with him peeking over the blanket!! Another one to add to our growing list of “favorites”!!

  5. And the joyous news continues. Way to go Greyson, Stacy & Bob.

    His pictues are all so cute and his eyes surely show the wonder of it all.

    And thank you for continuing “The Greyson Chronicles”. We look forward to learning how he progresses and seeing his pictures. And what a marvelous record you have created.

    You are always in our prayers – for Greyson’s wellness and yours.

    Take care all. Rest well young Greyson and be well.

    The Taylors and the Johnsons

  6. Well I was looking for the new one tonight but I guess I am going to have to go to bed before it comes. Greyson will get that peek a boo down before no time and want to play it all the time. I always miss when you don’t post so I will be anxiously looking tomorrow.

    I love you guys.

    Grandma Terry

  7. Hi Guys!
    It’s so great to see how well you all are doing! I think of you often and love your website. I am especially happy to hear how well his vent wean is going — it’s an RT thing 🙂
    You both are fantastic parents. Greyson is very lucky!
    I don’t get out your way too often but next time I’m planning a trip that way I’ll get ahold of you. I’d love to stop by for a visit!

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