Man, I look goood!


Well it’s been a couple days.  I was waiting to see if anyone complained, but I guess everyone was busy with the holiday weekend.  We have been doing fine here in the Westfall household, enjoying the sun and somewhat warmer weather.  Yesterday we dressed Greyson up in these coveralls for a big party we had here at the house.  He really wore himself out with all the people to interact with.  He had just drifted off to sleep when people started showing up.  That woke him up and he didn’t want to go to sleep the rest of the night, fearing he might miss something. 

It was so fun to have people over (they brought TONS of great food) to visit with and play games with.  We are talking about doing it again for our church staff party (ironically last night was almost a staff party as we were just missing the office workers and youth pastor and his wife).  It is nice that they are willing to have the party here so we can be a part.  Greyson like it too as he continues to love social interaction.  Once he gets older and has a stronger immune system we are going to have to keep a rope tied to him as he seems to love everyone! 

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5 thoughts on “Man, I look goood!

  1. We’re so glad you had such a great weekend – and a party, no less. Look how far you have all come.

    And these are among the cutest Greyson pictures we’ve seen yet.

    Keep up the good work Westfalls. Rest well and be well young Greyson.

    Judy & KJ

  2. Wow! A party at the Westfalls. How fun. I can hardly wait to come and have a party with you, too! Greyson is growing so fast now, it is a good thing you are taking daily pictures so we can keep up. We love todays. His overalls and John Deere tractor he is holding will go nicely with what Papa is sending to him. See you all Friday. Hugs from Gram

  3. The party was alot of fun and the food was scrumptious, how lucky for me to get to be a part of that. Greyson really does love people and he was such a good boy except when everyone left to go eat then he began to fuss because he didn’t have anyone to play with. Stacy then held him while she ate her dinner and he was perfectly content as long as he could see everyone. I am having withdrawals already, wondering what he is doing now and not getting to hold him and play with him. He is such a darling little miracle. People may have not complained on the blog about missing a few days, but I certainly heard about it. You are right Gram that the pictures help us keep up with how he changes since we can’t be there every day. You are going to have so much fun this weekend when you go.
    Give Greyson a kiss from me.

  4. What a handsome little man! I was simply shocked when I went to target to get Greyson some items he wanted that I didn’t find a Wii on that list!!! I was disappointed! I would really like to meet you all some day soon as I have herd nothing but good about you from John Giles! Another thing for you my mom and I would like to do a dinners done right for you and was wondering if that would be anything that you would like?? If so please email me so we can get that set up for you guys! I know days run into days and it seems like nothing ever gets accomplished so this might be something easy! God belss you and give that handsome little man a hugggg and kiss from us!

  5. Boy do we love to see boys in overalls and with John Deere tractors no less. Aunt Fran will have to send him a big one to push around like our boys had. God Bless all of you! What a darling cute boy Greyson is getting to be. So glad you have such wonderful friends, your party sounds like fun. Take care, glad to hear Grammie Jo is comming up to see you. She’ll be getting lots of hugs and kisses while she’s there. Love to you all!!!!

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