This outside stuff is kinda fun.


So today was a beautiful day in Bremerton.  So nice in fact that we decided we couldn’t stay inside all day.  We loaded Greyson (and all his gear!) into his stroller and walked down our drive to get the mail before doing two laps around our house.  At first Greyson didn’t like it much (he’s not a fan of having the bright sun shine on him) but soon he seemed to really like it.  When we were done we decided to load him into the car and go for a drive.  Part of this was the realization that the only time Greyson goes in the car is to go to the Dr’s, which means he gets stuck with a needle.  Well we don’t want him to think that happens everytime you go in the car so we took him out for a drive. 

As you can see he has enjoyed having his grandma Terry here to visit.  He hasn’t smiled directly at her yet, but he has really enjoyed the attention she has lavished on him.

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5 thoughts on “This outside stuff is kinda fun.

  1. Greyson… I am so happy that your Grandma got to come and visit you. They are the best. Plus they spoil you rotten. Here’s a tip. If you really want something, give them a cute smile and tell them they are the best Grandma ever. It works with mine. LOL I am glad that you got to go on a little walk and drive today. If feels good to get out of the house sometimes.

  2. Ah man! So much fun! Yeah, I guess you’ve kinda been living in a bit of a cave. But, come on Greyson, it was winter! You couldn’t go outside in winter. Save the outdoorsness for the summer, is what I always say. Now that it’s summer, cheer up! Quickly now man, build up a strong immune system so you can go catch some rays. FOR GOODNESS SAKES, it’s swimsuit season soon. Put on the tan, so you can take off your shirt at the beach without blinding all the babes. (:

  3. What a wonderful picture and how happy we are that your Grandma Terry was able to visit. And how great to be outside and go for a drive. We went for a drive yesterday up the Columbia Gorge to The Dalles and back. We had some blue sky when we got further East, but otherwise, it was overcast.

    Enjoy your day Westfall Family – you are in our prayers.

    Rest well young Greyson and be well.

    Judy and Family

  4. Nice picture and glad to hear that Greyson is trying some outdoor time as well. Im sure Grandma Terry was more than happy to be there for one of his first events…..Looks like everything is going well for you.

    Have a great day.


    Aunt Tam

  5. It was so fun to be at the Westfall house and play with Greyson. He did smile for me before I left, and you are right Jaemi, it makes Grandmas heart so happy. He is so cute and such a good little baby. Mom and dad are doing a wonderful job and Greyson is so content because of it all. I can’t wait to go back , but at least now through out the day I kind of know what everyone is doing and I can remember how if feels to look into those big blue eyes. It melts my heart. Thank you for letting me come and play.

    Love ya lots

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