Tacoma General’s new NICU opening.


Tonight we loaded up and headed to TG for the opening celebration for the new NICU. Greyson was a part of the parade of NICU graduates that led the way to tour the new facility. As a graduate Greyson’s picture is on the wall in this new unit and we think he looks pretty good! It is still amazing to think of just how far God has brought us.

Last night we also had an interesting experience.  Greyson was asking questions about himself.  He wanted to see pictures of himself when he was young.  After looking at a picture of him with a trach, he touched the trach and said “what’s that?”.  “It’s you’re passy” Stacy said.  “but why?”,   “To help you breathe”.  Then Greyson touched his neck and said “but my neck is better now”.

We knew a day would come when he had questions about all he’s been through.  Honestly I didn’t expect them this soon.  Here is a close up of his picture which is now hanging on the NICU wall.  If you look in the bottom right you can see a picture of him from when he was in the NICU.  **Click the photo to see a larger version.


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  1. It was so wonderful to see you all, thanks for making the trip. I love seeing Greyson’s photo on the wall everyday during our trainings. Move day is March 4th!

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