Olympia Children’s Museum

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It was so fun to see each of our children exploring and enjoying things at the museum. Lucy was loving crawling through a hollow log, playing in the water with boats, and following her brother around. Greyson was very interested in the animal hospital, the construction zone, the firetruck and the ferry boat. In the animal hospital he and Lucy spent a lot of time giving the animals showers in the big sink, brushing their fur and putting them to bed in their cages. There was a huge slide from the 2nd to 1st floor. Greyson thought it was great but Lucy cried and somehow managed to stop halfway down. Mom had to climb up and rescue her. We were so blessed to see Greyson directing his own play, involving his sister, and engaging all the different activities there. He is growing so much!

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3 thoughts on “Olympia Children’s Museum

  1. Wow – are they getting big and Greyson shows such focus. Our favorite pixs are the chair and the pickup – it looks like he already knows how to drive a stick shift!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Judy & KJ

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