Missing teeth.

Yes another milestone has been achieved. Greyson lost his first tooth last Sunday morning. He didn’t say anything but was doing something weird with his mouth which drew Stacy’s attention to the missing tooth.

Thankfully we found the tooth and Greyson was able to put it in his tooth ferry pillow Grammie Jo made for him.

That night the tooth ferry visited and left Greyson $2.50!! Inflation is terrible. Greyson really enjoyed spending his money at the dollar store and bought an Elmo book as well as some cool spy sunglasses. The next day while coming out of his room to complain (he was upset that Lucy had turned off the compute and I turned it back on) when I noticed he was once again missing a tooth! Yep another one had fallen out.

20131117-201302.jpg eagle eye dad found that one as well and on e again money was found in the pillow the next morning.

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