Busy Christmas time.

Well you know what they say, no news is good news. That would certainly be the case for us. While we haven’t written much lately, we are enjoying God’s rich blessings everyday. Greyson continues to thrive and is learning new things and doing new things all the time. We are so blessed by him. He is extremely good natured and we take him to meetings such as the NICU family advocacy council that we serve on. Everyone is amazed and at our meeting last week there were several comments on how they couldn’t believe how good he behaves when he is at a boring meeting.
Before Christmas we took Greyson to zoolights at the zoo. He really seemed to enjoy all the lights. Then we headed to Nampa to celebrate with the Westfall side of the family. Greyson had a blast with his aunts, grandmas, and cousins.
One of the funniest stories from Christmas time was how Greyson interacted with the christmas tree. While he was very good and didn’t play with it much, he must have watched us carefully placing all the ornaments on the tree. We know this because just before leaving for Idaho we let him play with a wooden pull duck that we were going to give him for Christmas. After playing with it for awhile he took the rope and tried to carefully place the duck on the tree. After four attempts and watching the duck fall to the ground (it was way too heavy for the tree to hold it up) he picked it up, looked at it and threw it half way up into the tree as hard as he could (which, as someone whose been hit by one of his blocks, I can attest to the fact that he can throw pretty good when he wants to!). It was so funny!
Well we have more pictures and video but at least this gets something up there for those who still check regularly (Hi John!).

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