Taking over

As you can see I got a lot of work done this week. Especially on Wednesday when Greyson came in and took control of my office. He got me all fixed up and on track before heading off to the nursery for some R&R. (Rolling and Refluxing) OK maybe not but hey both those words start with R and he does do both at times!
Quick story for the night, primarily so Stacy and I will remember it when I (Bob) am older and have even less memory than now! Last night I decided I should put Greyson’s “no no’s” (the arm restraint from the hospital that is used so kids can’t get their IV’s out) on him so he wouldn’t be sucking his finger all night. I wanted to do this because Greyson has been a little congested and I didn’t want him to suck on his finger all night and add a bunch of extra slobber to the mix.
I walked up to his crib and he was sound asleep, sucking away on his finger. I located the “no no’s” and ripped open the Velcro so I could put it on his arm. Well just as the sound of me ripping open the velcro hit his ears, Greyson pulled his finger out of his mouth and his little arm shot under his body! It looked exactly like someone who knew what they were doing and was trying to make it look like he would never suck on his finger at night, so no need for the restraint! Yet I’m certain all this took place while he was sound asleep. I guess his subconscious not only drives him to suck his finger, but has defenses in place to protect his ability to be free to suck on his finger as well!
I laughed pretty hard…..and then put the restraint on him and went to bed. Sorry son, can’t fool your old man. Especially after he’s been watching spy shows on tv….I’m onto you!

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