Sock puppet attack!!!

Tonight while Stacy tried to fold clothes Greyson and I entertained ourselves (and mommy) by playing sock puppets. Greyson didn’t like to keep his on for long, but he sure thought it was funny to say “buh bye” to my sock puppet. I think he kept doing that because when I made the sock puppets mouth move, it looked the same as waving bye.
Tomorrow Greyson will be heading back to school. He went two days last week and will go at least two days this week if everything goes as planned.
Today Stacy and I got our flu shots (yippee!) and while we were waiting in Walgreens Greyson started to do new tricks with his walker. See we always let him walk around pretty freely in Walgreens because it is usually not that busy and it is a safe controlled environment. So he’s pretty comfortable there. Anyway today he started “popping wheelies” where he would completely pick the front two wheels of his walker about two feet off the ground. This is fun while we are close, but if he does it on his own and goes to high he is going to learn a painful lesson! That said it is so fun to watch him doing so many new things now that he can walk a little on his own. He continues to improve in that department and then when he goes back to using his walker it is amazing to see how much more confident he is. Of course it’s odd to see him walking literally next to his walker, where only one hand is on it. All good things! Greyson will get his flu shot on Thursday, and we are seeing Dr. Boseley (his ear nose throat surgeon) on Saturday. So keep him in your prayers that God will keep his hand on Greyson. We are hearing “different” sounds especially at night that gives us hope that maybe something is starting to happen with the vocal cords. God knows and we will just keep thanking him for the work he has, is, and will continue to do in Greyson’s body. Thank you Jesus for overcoming vocal cord paralysis! Why not join us in praising God even before we see (or in this case most likely hear) the result we are looking for?

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