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OK very cute story from a couple days ago. So Stacy was laying across the bottom of our bed right up against Greyson’s crib. She had already laid him down and was exhausted from a busy week. She wanted to go to sleep but Greyson was still awake. So she laid down across the bottom of the bed and said “Greyson…..please just go night night.” Well Greyson (who was standing in his crib by this point) reached down and grabbed his glow worm (which he sleeps with) and handed it over the crib to Stacy. Then he immediately pulled it back, pushed its stomach to make it light up and play music, and then dropped it over the other side for her again while whispering “night night”. He is so thoughtful!
So it’s been awhile since I updated, and man a LOT has happened! Greyson is now attending school full time (which for his preschool is 4 days a week for 2 & 1/2 hours a day). Just over a week ago he had to miss a day since his nurse was very sick and couldn’t go with him. Turns out that was a blessing as wouldn’t you know Greyson was getting sick at the same time! We are not positive, but he probably had strep throat as that is what his nurse had and he had all the same symptoms. We saw his surgeon who couldn’t test for that but went ahead and started him on antibiotics since his throat was very red, and he had all the other symptoms.
He also had his g-tube flare up with granulation tissue (this is tissue that forms as a response to a foreign object) so we have gone to Tacoma twice to have it treated. We normally treat it ourselves but for some reason it got way out of hand very quickly. In addition to all this he got a bit constipated so his stomach wasn’t doing well. When it rains it pours I guess!
Well we have worked through all that and Greyson went to school for 5 days this week. You may be asking how that works since his school is only for four days right? I know you are thinking I can’t do math very well. Actually he did sort of go 5 days because on thursday (normally his day off) we went on a field trip!! We went with his class to a local farm and saw animals, went through a corn maze, and even got to take home a pumpkin! It was really fun and Greyson loved it.

Greyson is “talking” a lot more these days which makes us happy. For the first month he wouldn’t even try to talk, but now is talking a lot more. He still doesn’t have his voice, but at times we hear “noises” that definitely give us hope. The surgeon couldn’t tell us anything but said it was a good sign and hopefully it will just get better and better as time goes on. He is going to go in and take a look at the surgery sight early next month and as a part of that will try to see if the vocal cords are moving at all. The next day Greyson will have a swallow study done to see if we can begin feeding him anything by mouth again. We are praying these go well.
Greyson’s walking continues to improve and he is now quite the dare devil with his walker. He now likes to walk around to the back of it (by himself!) and push it like we push him. It’s quite the sight and makes people question whether he needs the thing at all! He still does but is definitely making progress and getting more stable. A few more months and he may not need the walker at all!
Finally we went shopping tonight and bought Greyson his first pair of rain boots. The first pair was a bit large for him and we took this video of him trying to walk in them. As usual the video missed the funniest part but hopefully it will give you an idea of how it looked.

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