Gee dad, it’s not hard!

So tonight we went to some friends house for dinner. After dinner Ron (the host) and I were trying to put a geometric puzzle back together that I had dumped out. We had been working on it for awhile when Greyson pulled himself up to the table and started placing the pieces in the base like it was no big deal. So we pulled the pieces out and kept working on it while Greyson played with Stacy and Susan. We still had not really figured anything out awhile later when here came Greyson back over to “help”. Well he dropped a piece in the base that I was holding, and instantly Ron and I looked at each other and said, “Hey that’s it!”

Had the puzzle solved within a two minutes after that. Keep in mind we had been working with it for a half an hour before that. Pretty smart kid! Oh, in case you didn’t know this, Greyson starts school tomorrow! I’ll be looking for a good math grade…

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