The excitment is just to much I’m…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Today Stacy and nurse Tina went to go for a walk with Greyson.  As they were standing on the front porch making sure they had everything a blue jay swooped down and threw an acorn at her.  Pretty funny stuff.  Greyson did good with his physical therapy today and was putting about 60 percent of his weight on his arms and legs in the crawling position.  I guess he was looking quite pleased with himself. 

Tonight I was rolling him across the bed and he was loving it.  He wouldn’t do it on his own but was helping me a lot so I only had to give him a little push on each roll.  Tonight we took him to church as I was filming a family that is helping me create some material for children’s ministry.  He was so good the whole time.  He really is such a good kid.

Well that’s it for today.  One year ago tonight Stacy was at 23 weeks 5 days into her pregnancy and we were celebrating the fact that she had received her second dose of steroids to help develop Boudreaux’s lungs (that was Greyson’s name until we officially named him on the 26th!).  While we knew he could be born at anytime becuase of all that was happening, we had no idea that it would in fact be the next day.  I wonder what tomorrow holds for us this year?

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7 thoughts on “The excitment is just to much I’m…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. We were all holding our breath one year ago today. God had so much in store for you Bob and Stacy. He was there each and every day and continues to be with all of us. This has been an incredible journey. What great joy it brings us to see Greyson growing and enjoying life so and to see how happy his Mom and Dad are. We will never be able to give God enough praise and thanks for allowing Greyson to out weigh all odds against him, but we are working at it. Thank you all for never giving up. We feel so honored being in your presence and can hardly wait for Friday. Greyson, we are coming to play! Rest well…See you soon….Love from G and P

  2. Happy Birthday, Greyson! You are such an amazing little man. I wish I could be with you but I will be sending hugs your way. You have such amazing parents. Happy Birthday!

  3. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY GREYSON! Hope you have a wonderful day. WOW can you believe it has been a whole year already? God truly is amazing! Enjoy your birthday little guy.

  4. Today holds good things and lots of things to be thankful for.


    Have a great day we love you so much.

    Love Grandma Terry

  5. Greyson, Grammie had to do a post on your actual birthday. I know you probably don’t know much about birthdays yet but we are celebrating for you this year. You will get to do your celebrating too, a few more times in the next couple of weeks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We love you so much. Have fun tonight at your first official birthday party. Hugs from Gram

  6. Happy 1ST Birthday Greyson! You are an amazing, well loved little man! You and God walked hand and hand for along time and He will always be here for you as well as your amazing mom and dad! I wish I could see you on your 1st Birthday but I have a cold and you don’t need to be sick winter isn’t here yet! But I will get your gift to you! Happy Birthday little buddy! Ryan said to eat lots of cake YUMMMMMMM

  7. Happy 1st Birthday little wonder boy!!!! God Bless you always.
    Aunt Fran and Uncle Dick.
    I’m on my way to Oregon and I will get to see Joanne.

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