Dad you stink!…wait maybe it’s me.


This picture is actually from yesterday as we didn’t really get any good ones from today.  So what can I say about today?  Well not much.  Greyson’s c02 was 72 last night so you all know there were some problems.  The Dr. changed Greyson’s DEX order to Q12, which means he will now get the steroids every 12 hours.  Basically this wasn’t a direct result of the bad c02 last night, but due to the fact that Greyson doesn’t seem to be progressing at a good rate. 

The truth is the longer this goes, the harder it gets.  Of course we are happy and thankful for his progress, but the cumulative stress  of it all is definately taking its toll.  While ours is not in trouble, I can see why situations like this destroy many marriages.  I pray almost daily for all the other couples that are in the NICU that God will work in their lives as they walk through these difficult days. 

Grammie Jo and Stacy apparently allowed Greyson to sleep today because he woke up for me while stacy took Joanne to the airport.  We played games like “open your hand and then grab my finger” (both right and left handed versions of this game).  He did really well with his oxygenation the whole time, and spend a long time at 28 percent oxygen.  This is the first time he’s been below 30 percent oxygen on the canula ever.  That’s a good sign I think.

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3 thoughts on “Dad you stink!…wait maybe it’s me.

  1. STRESSED. You know what that is backwards right? DESSERTS? Maybe that will help? No just kidding. I know that the days really start to stack up on each other and can only imagine what it feels like for you and Stacy. It seems like a never ending battle to gain some sort of progress only to find out that you have slipped backwards. However, God knows how you are feeling and knows exactly what you need to be able to push on with all of the balancing you have to do! Just remember that if there is something someone else can to do help you guys let us know!!! We will continue to pray and will ask that God give you the peace and comfort to endure all that lies ahead…work, school, and of course Greyson. Greyson is progressing and we are thankful for that too! Sometimes you just have to “Get by with a little help from your friends!” Dont hesitate to ask!!!

    Love You,

  2. I agree with Tammy. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something we can do to help! We are here for you in any way possible. Just say the word! We cannot begin to understand how you must feel. However, we marvel at all you do and the way you stay focused even in the midst of everything. We have never been prouder of you! You, Greyson and Stacy have been troopers and we hope you know how much you are prayed for, thought of and loved! We love you!!!!

  3. Prayer is mighty and when others cannot be there in person, we are all before the Throne of God Almighty, the One who loves us beyond compare. Continuing to pray for you, my friends, and for Greyson.

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