I like this way better.


Today while I was holding Greyson and he was getting some tummy time in he decided to reposition himself.  At first I thought he was going to start screaming as he pushed himself up and arched his back.  Then he moved his arms a little and slowly rested his head down on his arm as seen in the picture.  Then he simply fell back asleep.  He stayed like this for over a half an hour and even when disturbed he would simply raise up again, reposition a little, and rest his head back down on his arm.  I guess he needed to have his head propped up! 

Grammie Jo and Stacy went in early today and had a great time playing with Greyson.  Apparently they wore him out because he slept the whole time I was there, with the slight exception of waking up for a diaper change.  I guess they were playing bicycle with Greyson’s legs.  I guess he liked it and it really seemed to help with his gas (ummm…not the c02 kind).  His gas was quite the problem tonight.  It was so bad that he may have made one of the nurses sick.  I wonder if insurance pays for an air purifier………?

They did a gas last night at midnight and Greyson’s c02 was down to 62.  Hopefully tonights will be good as well and soon his gas will remain good while he is on the canula.  He did pretty well I’m told when they put him back on cpap tonight, only getting upset for a couple minutes.   Stacy said he started looking at his mobile and once he gets tuned into that everything else seems unimportant to him.  They also read him a story but had to stop half way through because they thought he was getting over stimulated.  They said everytime they turned the page he got more wide eyed and they were afraid his eyes might pop out of his head!  He really is interested in looking at things and stares at them very intently.

God is so good to us and we have been so blessed through this whole experience.  Unfortunately not everyone has a happy ending when they enter this type of situation, so we thank God every day for allowing us the opportunity to spend time with Greyson.  While we are so thankful for every moment we get to spend with him at the hospital, we are still praying fervently for the day we can bring him home and spend even more time everyday with him.  God has a plan in all this and we are doing our best to be patient (not my strong suit) and alert so we don’t miss any moments he has for us.

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4 thoughts on “I like this way better.

  1. As I have said before I LOVE tummy time! I love to have my arms under my head too so I can appreciate Greyson’s need to reposition and go back to sleep. So glad that his numbers are staying consistent. Well……I am off to work however the kids (and Aunt Deb) have another snow day today. Can you believe it. We got about 7 1/2 inches of snow yesterday!!!! Greyson we can’t wait to introduce you to all of this “cool” stuff. We know that your Dad is right though and that God has a plan for you. So we will be patient and continue to pray and watch for the great miracles God will continue to do.

    Aunt Tam

  2. He is the cutest! Thanks again for sharing daily pictures with us! What would all of us do without our daily peek at Greyson? I can’t wait to see him!!! Tell him we love him bunches!!!

  3. Wintery Seasonal Greetings Bob, Stacy, Greyson. Just want you to know that we are reading your daily updates with great interest and prayerful support. Reports and comments really help us identify with your situation, enabling us to pray, rejoice, and weep with you more specifically. Your anticipated rejoicing in Greyson’s homecoming is understandable. However, as a parent of 3 “normal birth” offspring, as I faintly recollect, there could be some benefits of not being saddled 24/7 with small infant careneeds. But then & however again, there’s no place like home for the holidays or snowdays or just anydays. So Until Then…..

    Love & Prayers,
    Gordon & Naomi

  4. Good evening Greyson,

    Wow, that c02 of 62 is awsome and as KJ says, “It’s money in the bank!”

    Today I shared some of your earliest pictures with friends. Merlin just looked at you and said, “Praise the Lord!”

    You and your mom and dad are in our prayers.

    Sleep well little one and I’ll see you tomorrow – via the internet.


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