A Thanksgiving Song for you


Albequerque, he’s my turkey he is feathered and he’s fine,
Albequerque, he’s my turkey and I’m so glad he’s mine.
He’s the best pet that you’ve ever met, better than a dog or cat,
Albequerque, he’s my turkey and I’m so glad of that.
Albequerqe he’s my turkey he is cozy in his bed,
’cause for our Thanksgiving dinner we had scrambled eggs instead!

We are Thankful!
Bob is thankful for friends and loved ones who are so important to us.  Stacy is thankful for God’s provision to our family this past year.  Greyson is thankful for health and all the people who care about him.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Song for you

  1. Well Bob you have done it again! Greyson is the cutest pilgrim I’ve seen so far and Stacy looks sufficiently tortured by your antics!!! Thanks for capturing the moment for us. It dulls the ache in our hearts over not being with you today to see you having fun together. We miss you and love all three of you very much. And Greyson, his health and his parents are on our list of things we are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. We are so Thankful we have such a loving God who has blessed us with this miracle. We are like Keri, as our hearts hurt that you were alone this Thanksgiving. Papa said maybe next year we will all be together. How fun will that be! Bob we enjoyed you singing this song to Greyson. Very appropriate! We loved the picture. Hugs to you…Gram and Papa

  3. I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one. I am very thankful for you. We did miss you terriblly but had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    You guys look great. Thanks for the great picture and story.

    Love you guys

    Great Aunt Nana

  4. You guys are just so cute!!!
    I loved the ball catching Utube flick…..man Greyson is just awesome.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Warm thoughts your way…

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