I’m a bowling ball


Today I came home for about an hour before going to Tacoma for the Dad’s night out.  Greyson was playing with nurse Tina and having a great time.  I broke it up (I’m mean I know) and spent the hour playing with Greyson.  He was laughing so hard at one point we had to stop and vent his stomach because he had himself laughing so hard his belly was shaking and working up the bubbles.  Stacy had fun with him tonight while I was gone so it was a great night all around. 

The fathers night out event was pretty low key.  There were a couple dads with kids in the NICU and one other dad who had tripplets seven years ago.  One of his girls didn’t make it and the other two have been through a lot but he was there to encourage the other fathers, which is what I was there for as well.  I hope we did encourage them as it can be a very stressful place. 

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5 thoughts on “I’m a bowling ball

  1. I am sure you encouraged them and bringing back those memories just reminds of how great God is and how far you have come. Greyson looks so cute in those pajamas and certainly can roll up into a ball. I miss being there but am so glad for the blog and the pictures.l

    Take care and know that I love you all.

    Grandma Terry

  2. We are so glad you were able to go and encourage those other Dads. I’m sure it means so much more coming from someone who has been through it than just hearing everything is going to be OK from someone who hasn’t walked in your shoes.

    Greyson is the cutest bowling ball we have seen. The orange and brown really looks good on our boy! Love you all…

  3. That is so cool! I didn’t know you went to the dad’s night out. I’m sure the dads that were there for encouragement got it. Greyson is so cute! i loved his halloween nighty. He is getting so big. How is the food goin?

  4. Im not sure exactly where you would put your fingers (remember he bites 🙂 and I havent heard of many people bowling with a 23 pound ball…..but he sure does look cute all rolled up like that. It is sooooo much fun for me to hear you having sooooo much fun with your son. Kids are the best …..I can honestly say that and I have one that just turned 14! Have a great week and your thoughtfulness to go show your support for those other dads I am sure was encouraging to them. I think that is AWESOME.

    Love you three,

    Aunt Tam

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