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Well the video says it all but for those who may not be able to watch it (current version of flash is needed) this is Greyson Westfall blowing rasberries.  He was really going at it tonight turning red as he forced the air out.  He sure was pleased with himself though. 

Last night he decided to “sleep play” which is kind of like sleep walking only instead of walking you keep raising your feet up and slamming them down onto the bed in your sleep.  It’s very humorous if you’re awake to watch it, and not so much so if you are asleep to wake up to it! 

A couple nights ago I told Stacy that Greyson was playing to much and we should just ignore him so he would go to sleep.  It was really funny because he kind of stopped rolled over to look at me and stuck his hands out like, “you said to do this if I wanted you to pick me up”.  Of course that had both Stacy and I right back there playing with him again.  We’re suckers I know. 

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4 thoughts on “Rasberries!!!

  1. You guys are too funny. Your not sucker. You love your son. The problem you sleep hours are shorten and lack of sleep makes you do funny things sometimes. Enjoy Greyson why he this small. They grow up too fast.

    Give big kisses from Great Aunt Nana.

  2. We loved the raspberries. Greyson you are learning so many new things. Isn’t this fun? You have your mom and dad wrapped around your fingers. Keep them there! Isn’t love just wonderful? Hugs and have a wonderful day. Gram and Papa

  3. LOVE THE RASPBERRIES!!!! He is all together too cute. He has quite an audiance at our house today. Teila’s friend Hannah is here and Liz spent the night also and we all got a kick out of this video. Greyson you are so sweet!!! It is so much fun for us to see you being such a little ham. We as parents have all caved in to our kids. Im pretty sure you havent ruined him yet!!!!

    Love Ya,
    Aunt Tam, Teila, Aly, Liz and Hannah

  4. Well, I went and bought a new computer screen and of course my old speakers wouldn’t work with the new one, so I had to buy them too. It was way worth it to see this video of Greyson and him doing the raspberries. I was in a spelling bee and lost out because of the spelling of raspberries. That p just doesn’t seem like it belongs there. I am back in business now and keep them coming, I love it.

    Grandma Terry

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