Happy days.


Last night Greyson was pretty playful and I was able to snap some pretty good shots of him.  Then tody we drove up past Port Angeles (the farthest he’s been from home!) to the campground where a bunch of our church members were camping.  It was a beautiful day and I think Greyson really enjoyed being out in the sun and fresh air.  While the drive home got a little long for him, he is in great spirits right now as he sits on my lap and “helps” me type this post.  He is nothing but smiles and playful so I will have to go now to play with him and Stacy.  Hope you are all having a great labor day weekend!

and now a message straight from the hand of Greyson himself—                   mz=======[[=;”.]


 Not bad, especially how he signed it with a W, what a smart kid!

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3 thoughts on “Happy days.

  1. All those wonderful smiles, it makes me smile all over. I was at that Port Angeles area and it is so beautiful. I would love to be there right now, especially with Greyson being all smiles and wanting to play. Already knowing how to sign off on the computer, what a smart boy.

    Have a great Labor Day.

    Love Grandma Terry

  2. Glad to see your computer is up and running again so we can really keep tabs on you all. Nice you can do some running around while the weather is so wonderful. Feels like fall here today, tho. That Greyson sure has the sweetest smile. I would love to see a picture of his teeth in those smiles but guess soon enough. Has he been trying them out? He is so good at chewing on his hands. Maybe Greyson was trying to type in he still wanted that Wii. I love that he is already practicing. Enjoy Monday! Are you ready Stacy for school on Tuesday? Guess it will happen whether we are ready or not! Uh! Love you all…Mom

  3. What a cute smile! We thought of Greyson when we went to Costco today because they had a bunch of Wii’s and the kids soo wanted to get one for him. Sorry Greyson…we could maybe start a little fundraiser for you but not purchase the whole thing… Tomorrow is Sept. 1st which means it is one month until we get to come and visit! We can’t wait! Love ya lots!

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