10 O’clock meds anyone?


Greyson gets quite a few meds at 10am and 10pm as seen in the picture.  The good news is in a couple more days he will basically just get these with one other med at 4am and 4pm. 

So the fishing was fun (although I didn’t catch anything) and Stacy said they had a good day.  We are a little concerned as Greyson’s secretions were a bit on the yellow side and he was running a little warm.  We are keeping an eye on him and he seems to be OK.  Pray with us that he doesn’t get sick or develop an infection as that is not the direction we want to be heading.  You can also pray for us since we are on our own again as of 7pm tonight.  We will not have nursing again until Monday morning at 7am.  This wouldn’t be quite as drastic if I wasn’t a pastor (Sundays are kind of a big day for pastors) and could help out more.  Soooo……I’m taking the evening shift and allowing Stacy to sleep hopefully till the wee hours of the morning when she will take over for me so I can catch a few winks before heading off to church in the morning.  Hope the sermons good tomorrow to keep me awake!

So as I’ve stated before one of the hardest things with Greyson is knowing what is wrong.  Many parents have told me you learn quickly which cries are for food, which are for diapers, which are for pain, and which are because you kid is a baby.  Well if you have any resources on how to learn the differences we would love to have them!  It might be because of the trach, or because he doesn’t actually cry much, but it is really hard to distinguish exactly what the problem is with Greyson (gas pain?).  While it is not life threatening as parents we want to address those needs which are real, and allow him to work through his “personal preference” issues on his own.  Oops got to go I hear a buzzer……………….

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8 thoughts on “10 O’clock meds anyone?

  1. Sorry you didn’t catch any fish. That is too bad but you got to get out and enjoy the outdoors for a while. When is Stacy’s turn? I am sure she is quite content on being home with her little one but someone needs to take her out for a little bit. We will pray specifically for no infections and that Greyson will not develop a fever. We love you!

  2. We will pray that Greyson doesn’t develope an infection as well. Stacy you have been such a trooper and I am sure Greyson LOVES having his Mommy there all the time! Sometimes even when you can “hear” the cry it takes parents a while to figure out what the child wants or thinks that he needs. Trial and error is about the best way to learn start with normal process. Diaper first cuz its easy to fix……then pick up and hold and cuddle…..pat on the back maybe a bubble or gas……sing……rock…….food maybe…. outside of all of these things you resort to the baby is just being a baby. Now when you add Greyson into this procedure things change since he could be uncomfortable because of the trach……gas…….meds that give him the creepy crawlys…in addition to diaper….food……cuddle time….singing ect. So after all of this I am right back to where you began. No real answer. I am sure you guys are doing a great job and Greyson doesn’t know the difference!!!!YOU ARE HIS WORLD and he will learn to get better at letting you know what he wants and you will get better about recognizing it but he is not holding it against you if you don’t figure it out. 🙂 It just takes time and getting to know your child. Its a fun process so take your time 😉


  3. Sometimes you never know why babies are fussy, but with greyson I realize you need to know as soon as possible. But he could just be in a fussy mood and with all those drugs I am sure that could be why. It will be nice when he is off those.
    We will definately pray for no infections of any sort. He has almost been home a week and you guys have done great with or without the nurses. You hopefully will have enough nurses to get enough rest though, as you have to stay well. Take care Love mom

  4. I think Greyson is fussy because he has not seen me for a while. Luckily I have just the solution… A vist from me! Just kidding. I can’t wait to come and see Greyson at home. You guys are doing awesome. I am so proud of you guys.

  5. Hi Bob and Stacy,

    I’m so glad that Greyson is home. Dave and I have been checking the website and praying for you guys!

    Love, Margaret and Dave Scott

  6. You may not have figured out what Greyson is trying to tell you but I know for a fact you have all those buzzers figured out. Your little man is just so darn cute. It is just amazing to see what is going on here and to know, as we do, that God has a hand on it. Glad you were able to get out Bob, sorry no fish, but you would have just had to clean the smelly things then. I know Stacy is a little of a home body, so thinking she is OK for now. With the big outting to visit his pediatrician for the first time tomorrow will probably be enough for a few days. Hope everything goes well and we are praying Greyson continues to improve everyday and not develop any kind of infection. Much love and hugs from Bend

  7. Greyson, Stacy and Bob,

    We continue to pray for Greyson’s wellness – we’ll all add specifics: no infection and some nurses so you can get some rest. And maybe a break for you Stacy, although I know your joy is at home with you now.

    You are great parents and my thoughts on recognizing Greyson’s needs are much like those already provided. I’ll add that you are already distinquishing his wants from his needs and you’ll just get keep betting better at it.

    And Bob although you didn’t catch any fish, it was a good break. Fishing is quite an art. I went with my brother-in-law and we shared the same boat and the same bait. We even switched sides, because he was catching all the fish. That didn’t make a difference either. He caught our limit, but I had a great time.

    The pictures are great and Greyson, you are one handsome young man.

    Rest well and be well young Greyson. We’re glad you’re home!

    Judy & Jim – KJ & Laura

  8. So happy to hear that Greyson is home with you! I will be praying for you and little greyson–what a cute little boy!

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