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Greyson and Lucy-Jo are developing quite a cute relationship.  Greyson is always trying to boss, herd, direct, protect, or tattle on Lucy-Jo.  She in turn is trying to copy everything her big brother does, wants to play with any toy he is playing with, and follows him around like a little puppy.  Just the other day we had quite a laugh when Lucy came trotting into the living room with Greyson’s tube feeding syringe.  She was putting it up to her tummy and then her brother’s tummy.  She also saw Greyson using some earbuds that he had taped to a little play phone and later was trying to put them into her own ears.  Problem was that she was putting the jack end in to her ear instead of the earbuds.  We’ve seen both of the kids “texting” recently, it seems anything can be used for a phone when you need to send a quick text to daddy.

Lucy is building her vocabulary and surprises us with a new work almost everyday.  She can sign please, thank you, bath, milk, and more.  She says mommy, daddy, please, milk, waabaa (bottle), and many other words.  Tonight I asked her if she liked her cheese and she clearly said cheeeeze.

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  1. Every now and then I check in to see what is up in the Wonderful World of Westfall – and what a great surprise to read your recent posts. Greyson is growing up so fast, what a handsome young man. Hugs to all of you, and I hope to meet Miss Lucy one of these days soon!

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