Learning to love each other.

edited photo tickle

Tonight we let Lucy lay on Greyson’s couch with him and for the most part we met with success. Greyson gave her a little tickle, a “hug” (middle picture, if you’ve never hugged Greyson it is often like this), tapped her softly on the head…..then harder….then harder….then we made him stop. Tickling soon gave way to pinching her cheek (which is so cute it just begs to be pinched)….until he was pinching too hard and we made him stop. All in all it was a very sweet moment and the best he has done with his sister laying right with him.

We continue to settle in to our new routine. Greyson is doing better on the bus (he rides the bus from his school to the baby sitters three days a week).


This is a picture of his first day riding it. He did great until he took my hand to step up on the curb. Then he lost it and cried for about 20 minutes. The second day was about the same (only he cried with the baby sitter as I wasn’t there). Then on the third try they called me to come get him at school. He was melting down so much they were scared he would gag himself if they made him ride the bus.

Since then we have had three successful days, today there was no crying at all. Of course these last three days one of his teachers have ridden with him but I think we are almost to a place where he will be able to ride alone. He’s just growing up so much.

Lucy continues to grow and is getting some head control. On monday I laid her down on the floor for her workout (tummy time) and she not only turned her head to the other side but she also spun herself almost 180 around. It was pretty amazing.

Well that’s all for now. Thanks for checking in on us!

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