To smart for that dad!

This last weekend we went to Nampa for my (Bob’s) graduation. While there Greyson got to enjoy playing with his family members and had a fabulous time. One day we noticed he had picked up a pen and was drawing on Grandma’s door. Well we love celebrating the first time Greyson does something so I gave him back the pen (I had taken it away) so I could get a picture. Now I didn’t want him drawing more on Grandma’s door so I made sure he was holding the pen in such a way that he would be using the back of the pen on the door. Well as I tried to snap a picture he “drew” on the door a couple times, then quickly switched the pen around so he had the ink end and began drawing on the door again before I could get the pen out of his hand.
Somewhere we have more pics from the weekend but for now I will close with asking for more prayer. We are confident he is fine but Greyson has something going on that is making it difficult for him with his balance. Sunday he woke up from a nap and was basically unable to walk. He would take a couple steps and fall over. Even when he would be on the ground playing if he wasn’t careful he would lose his balance and topple over. Well this has continued to today. We took him to the Dr. and hopefully it is just some fluid in his ears causing this. The Tacoma pharmacy also remade his blood pressure medicine (it has to be compounded) to ensure that there wasn’t a mess up in the making of it that was causing his blood pressure to be off.
We don’t really have good answers yet but it does seem that Greyson is walking better tonight. We will see how tomorrow goes.
One more funny story. Greyson was getting very tired in the car as we drove to Idaho (as were his parents!). Just before we got to Ontario (only about a half hour away from our destination) Greyson was done and wanted out . He kept looking out the window saying “Okay, open the door now!”. It was so cute we had to stop and let him run around for awhile.

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