Is someone really calling me?

Well yesterday ended up being a pretty busy day. Greyson’s ET tube was damaged somehow and because of it they needed to make some change. Since they don’t want to mess with his surgery site the plan was to take out the breathing tube and see how he did, hopefully leaving it out and Greyson off the ventilator.
Unfortunately Greyson wasn’t ready for that and they had to put him back on a ventilator. The dr. said the actual surgery site looked good (place where they sewed the two sections of his trachea together) but his upper airway was causing some problems. At this point there is no way to know what is going on, as we shouldn’t have been in looking this close to surgery. Had the ET tube not been damaged we would not have gone in for a look until Thursday, Wednesday night at the very earliest. So it is possible that these new “problems” are a result of the medication he has been receiving to keep him paralyzed, a result of swelling from the surgery, or some complication from the surgery. We just can’t know so it is not worth worrying about at this point (not worth worrying about, but definitely something worth praying about!!) So the plan now is to keep him comfortable, basically paralyzed, and healthy so that he can continue to heal. Friday night we will go in and take a look and see what how things are doing then.

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