Summer fun…the videos

Well as promised here are some videos of Greyson. The first is from our trip to watch the Mariners play. You can see on Greyson’s face that he had a great time, but was dissappointed in their performance at times. Then there is a video from today showing Greyson……”picking” rasberries. As you can see he was not entirely helpful. Although he had a blast….with the exception of the two times he crashed with his walker. It was very rough terrain but he did very well….until he tried to pick up one side of his walker too high and toppled completely over. While there were some tears I showed him a cow that was across the fence and soon everything was OK.
Finally we have a video from last Saturday. It had really been hot so we thought we’d give Greyson a chance to cool down. We were shocked by the result! Anyway enjoy!

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