I rock, let’s roll


Yesterday after church we went for a hike with a bunch of people from Stacy’s work.  The sun was shining so Greyson broke out his shades.  He was pretty grumpy at first (he had to be woken up so we could go) but soon was enjoying himself as he rode in style on the hike.  It was a lot of fun.  After that we went to church to listen to the Salvation Army band that was playing at our church.  Greyson really seemed to enjoy the music. 


Today was Greyson’s one year checkup with his pediatrician.  All went well till it was time for the immunizations.  Greyson doesn’t get shots or blood draws very often anymore so he is not as tolerant of the experience.  It’s hard to see but he actually had tears rolling down his face from crying.  I will say though he wasn’t the loudest kid in the Dr’s this morning and once I started asking him about the shots he soon was giggling and forgot how upset he had been.  Another funny thing happened while we were there ***warning urine story to follow:

We had to collect a urine sample today so we had a collection bag on Greyson at the Dr’s.  Well while the Dr. was in we checked and there was some.  Stacy told Greyson we might need a little more and then we decided there was enough so she started taking off the bag.  Most of you probably know what happened next.  Greyson heard her say we needed more so more he gave us!  Stacy was trying to catch it but he ended up going all over the table.  Once the Dr. helped us clean up we apologized to which the Dr. said, “Don’t worry, it’s definately not the first time!”  It’s always great to us to have normal child experiences, even the embarrasing ones!!

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5 thoughts on “I rock, let’s roll

  1. Yea! We are so glad you got those immunizations, now Papa and I can come play. Would it be OK for us to come this Friday? We sure hope so! We are so anxious and hope the week just flies by. You will have to practice all your new tricks this week so you will be ready to show us when we get there. Hugs to you, you little monkey boy. Love G and P

  2. What a good boy to mind your mom and dad. They said more and you gave it to them. I am so sorry to see you get all those shots but it is for your own good. We sure don’t want you to get sick Greyson. You looked happy in the picture though in spite of it all.

    Take care Love Grandma Terry

  3. Is that a movie star behind those glasses? Wow what a handsome little man you are. Sorry you had to get shots, but you will be much better off having them. Hope you are feeling ok today. It sounds like you are going to have fun this weekend, with gram and papa coming. Don’t wear them out to much, haha. Well glad to hear you are doing so well. Have a wonderful day! Take care.

  4. Gosh so much to catch up on. How that baby is growing and getting cuter everyday. We Love You Guys.
    Uncle Dick is getting ready to have a pretty extensive surgery, infact it’s next Monday the 27. Please Pray for the surgeons and Uncle Dick. Again remember we Love you. Will check in soon. Keep “kissing” that baby for all of us that can’t.

  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed a touch of The Salvation Army brass band! Of course, growing up Nazarene and now being in The Salvation Army, I would say you had the best of both worlds at church! And the Sweet girls are married?!?!?!? I honestly remember them when they were toddlers in the Idaho Falls church. Uggh. Thanks for making me feel old. Love, Suzanne

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