Birthday playing part 3–Tummy time spinner!


What’s a birthday without some tummy time spinning?  Today Greyson was having fun playing with pooh (the bear not the other kind) while on his tummy time spinner.  He’s having a fun time counting down till tonight when he gets to try birthday cake!  (Well we are hoping he will smash his hands in it, he won’t be eating any as he still has to work on his eating abilities!)

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One thought on “Birthday playing part 3–Tummy time spinner!

  1. I was in the middle of taking a bite of cereal when I read the part “playing with pooh (the bear not the other kind)”. After that very vivid statement (and visuals of my poor Greyson playing in pooh) I subsequently ended up with a nose full of milk and some milk droplets on my laptop when I read that!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Note to self- do not read any posts while eating haha!!

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