That’s good stuff.


Today Greyson made improvements on his tummy time.  He was able to hold his head up and used his arms to support him.  This is exciting stuff!  He was also transferring a dangling toy from one hand to the other, something that is also very good and exciting.  The most exciting thing about the day though has to just be playing with him and watching him smile.  If that doesn’t make you feel good inside you have some serious problems. 

Stacy has been doing a great job working with Greyson on all of his “therapies” otherwise known to Greyson as playing.  We have been reading to him more lately and for the most part he seems to really like that too. 

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3 thoughts on “That’s good stuff.

  1. He looks like an angel sleeping in this photo. I’m so glad to hear that he is doing so well with his play therapy. All that Mommy and Daddy time is paying off. We hope tomorrow is another wonderful day at the Westfalls. Love you…

  2. What a beautiful picture. He is so sweet. He is growing up and getting so big. I am so glad all is well with his therapy and play time. That is a fun time. His smile just melts my heart. What a sweety.

    Love you guys.
    Aunt Nana

  3. Well young Greyson, you are becoming quite a clothes horse!

    We are all so very thankful that you are doing so well – what a blessing.

    Good night young Greyson, Bob and Stacy. Rest well and be well.

    Judy & Family

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