and then they push down on the inhaler…….


I wasn’t there but by looking at the picture Greyson must have spent some time explaining his breathing treatment to Stacy today.  He’s getting smart and it looks like he is almost ready to administer the inhaler himself!  Stacy told me today was a good day.  Greyson loved his mobile and would look at it so intently he didn’t even get upset with his care.  His gas was better last night, c02 of 65 so we are thanking God for working to bring those numbers down. 

Greyson was very very alert today when Stacy and Joanne got there.  They say he was very calm and played with his fingers as he looked around at everything.  They also tell me that he is noticably less puffy today so the diuretic seems to be working good.  Of course there is the visual side, and then the technical.  One of Greyson’s diapers weighed 138 grams!  So the diuretic is REALLY working!!  We are so thankful for the great nurses and DR’s who work so hard to keep him doing well and comfortable. 

It’s been a long three days and I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “and then they push down on the inhaler…….

  1. I am so thankful Greyson’s numbers are better. I know he has been having fun with Stacy and Grandma while daddy has been gone but I know he’ll be glad to see daddy again.
    He looks so cute with Stacy, his eyes do tell a story even if he can’t talk yet.
    Greyson, keep those numbers down, okay.
    Love you

  2. These numbers are much better! He really does look like he is telling how to do his breathing treatment Bob! Very cute. Smart little man. Glad to hear that his mobile came in too. Its hard to tell in this picture but I think his cheeks do look a little less puffy. Its wonderful news to hear also that he was not as fussy. Maybe he feels better all over. That is great! I know you will have a fun time with him today. We are counting down till Deb and I get to come visit. Three weeks from today!!!!


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